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ME: Why not handle RTF Text?


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Hi all,

This is something I have suggested before and would like to talk about it again. When I see how advanced ME has become with all these new features, I ask myself why is it that it can not handle RTF text? Why is this is feature looked at as 'impossible' and can not be done?


What I want to do is simply write macros that play back RTF text instead of plain text only. I use it for e-mail signatures, rtf templates for tasks, GTD items and so forth. I can not believe the current state of technology does not allow for this feature to be designed. Others have done it by 'clipboard macros' where rtf text can be saved and retrieved via shortcut keys.


Can someone please look seriously into this features. ME developers or ME guru users can either add it as a native feature or may be extend it via a custom macro or make it part of the PGM package. I do not mind at all paying for it.


Any serious thoughts are welcomed.


Thank you.

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