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Macro express and keystroke logging spyware


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Can macro express be used to defeat hacker attempts to use clandestine keystroke logging software to steal passwords?


If a PC is infected with keystroke logging software, and if I typed out a password on the physical keyboard, then the software could capture my keystrokes and send them to a hacker. If instead of typing out the password, I have a macro express Text Type command (with 'Type text normally' option) outpulse the characters, can the keystroke logging software still capture the characters?


The answer depends on how macro express emulates keystrokes. I know that the Windows on-screen keyboard (part of the accessibility program group, where the user mouse clicks on a GUI instead of typing), sends the selected characters to the active window in the same way that the physical keyboard does, and as a result is just is subject to keystroke logging.


Separately, I considered using macro express Text Type command (with 'use clipboard to paste text' option) to eliminate any keystrokes. But I understand that some keystroke logging spyware is also able to read the clipboard, so this would not be an effective strategy.

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