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Really simple noobie question


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I've been playing around for 2 hours now trying to get this to work, but I cant seem to figure it out. All I want to do is have "Enter" pressed an infinately ammount of times until I press "Space" which would stop it. Thanks for your help! I would be able to do this easily if there was an "If Key Pressed" but I dont see anything like that




Ok so I basically just did

Repeat start (Repeat 99999 times)

Type Text <ENTER>

Delay 1 Second

Repeat End


I tested it in notepad and it works, but when I switch windows into my game it doesnt do anything there.

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Use the Abort Macro Hot Key to stop a macro that is running. The default key is Scroll Lock + Pause. You can change this by clicking on Options | Preferences | Playback.


It's possible that the game is blocking the keyboard hooks. We have seen this with several different games. You can try clicking on Tools | Restore Keyboard Hooks and then running the macro.

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