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Copying A Macro Until Key Is Pressed, Then Pasting


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Is it possible to run a macro that will record text until the middle mouse button is pressed, then paste the text into a different program?


May not be too clear, but here's an example of what I'm looking for:


1) Run the macro

3) Macro begins to copy word into clipboard

2) Type <INSERT WORD or PHRASE here> in program

3) Click Middle Mouse Button to end copy

4) Macro types the text: "The word or phrase you have chosen to copy is: <INSERT WORD or PHRASE here>"

5) End Macro


What I'm mainly interested in doing is being able to type a name that the macro will remember. Once you are done typing the name, the macro will then type a sentence with the name you have just typed.


For example, I want a macro that will allow me to enter a name (without bringing up a seperate prompt window) and then use this name in a sentence.


So essentially I run the macro, I type in something like "Jon Doe", click the middle mouse button, and will then type the sentence:

"Hello, Jon Doe. How are you doing?"


The reason why I want to do this without bringing up a seperate prompt window asking for input from the user is so that I can do this in programs that require me to be in fullscreen (ie: Games). Bringing up a seperate prompt window will minimize the game and show the prompt, which I don't want happening.


Thanks in advance,


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Welcome to the group!


Offhand I can think of no way to do this within Macro Express because it lacks an INKEY function, which you would need. It may be possible to do it with a script that is controlled by Macro Express, however, it would take some programming.

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