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Having a floating menu appear and dissappear based on which window is active


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I've searched the forum over, and read some discussion on this topic, but no one has spelled out an answer yet to exactly what I'm looking for. I want a floating menu to appear when a particular window is in focus, and disappear, when that window goes out of focus.


I have managed to get it to appear when the window comes into focus "using a separate macro to activate it with the enable command", but I cannot figure out how to make it go away when the window is no longer in focus. Any suggestions?

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There was a discussion on this recently. Floyd created a pretty good example on opening and closing floating menus based on window titles.


As you have already discovered, a macro can be activated when a window or control gains focus, but there is no way to activate a macro (which would be used to disable a floating menu) on a Window Close event.

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