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Excel and ALT SHFT with capital letters


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This may not be documented where it can be easily found and may be helpful to other new users.


The use of capital letters when entering text can lead the program to think you have pushed the SHFT key. This was messing me up for hours when using ALT to access the menu bar. ALT F drops down a totally different menu than ALT f. Same thing with ALT E and ALT e.


I am using Win 2000 and Office 2000.

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Yes, this discussion has been had. But it never hurts to repeat it because it's a hard thing to track down in a program and will have me scratching my head each time ... until the light goes on.


When you tell Macro Express to text Type <ALT>F, it must do the same thing on the keyboard that any of us do:


<ALT><SHIFTD>f<SHIFTU><ALT> That is; hold the Alt and Shift Keys down, press "f" and then let 'em all go.


If the accelerator key in an application is expecting a lowercase "f" it won't get it.


Also, some older application menus require a <ALT><ALT>f rather than a single <ALT>.

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