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How to terminate ME after completion of macro?


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I use a macro to perform the following after startup:


1) Connect to Internet

2) Start Firefox preloader

3) Start Windows Live Messenger


Now I want the macro to terminate ME after the completion of the third step. This is the macro:




However, it doesn't appear to terminate. The ME icon is still present in the system tray, and I have to manually right-click it and select Terminate Macro Express.


Any ideas/suggestion on how I can terminate ME after the macro is finished?

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A Playable Macro is a single macro with a file extension of .mxe (versus the .mex file extension of a macro file). To create a playable macro you highlight a macro and click File, Export, Export as a Playable macro. You would probably know if you have done this.

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Why don't you just put shortcuts for those applications in your startup group?


Because I like those applications to startup in the same order as in the macro, once everything else has loaded. I created a shortcut to the macro itself, so when everything else have loaded, I execute the shortcut to run the macro. The macro works very well, just a pity it can't terminate itself.

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I see. Why don't you just create a batch file to load the apps and put that in the startup folder? Then you can control the order. Alternatively why don't you run ME at startup and schedule your macro with the "At Startup" scheduling option. Personally I don't see why people like MXE's and I almost never use them as it's easier to have one instance of Macro Express proper that loads at startup and runs all the time. This way you can schedule and control all kinds of things.


I think people often forget that a ME file doesn't contain just one macro but should hold hundreds. I think they get into the mindset of "1 macro = 1 file" which is very limiting. I have a clients who has 20+ users all running off the same file that loads at startup and run all day. I just can't find any reason why one would want to stop ME before the user logs off!

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