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Noob needs help with some basic commands :)


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At first I would like to apologize for posting so "brutaly" on this forum, but this is a problem that I can't seem to fix on my own :(

Second, once again, apologies if for some reason, the posting of this thread is not allowed.


Anyways, I gues I'll just get on with it straight away:


I want to macro a certain grind within a game. The grind itself is some basic clicking of the mouse at certain intervals, and can simply be scripted with set times and mouse locations... However, when the farm is over, it needs to map (In-game term for instant-travelling) to the closest town/outpost, in which you simply have to run out again (back into the same area as before) and redo the farm :)

As I said, the farm itself is quite liniair, the mapping however isn't... When you map to an outpost/town, you get spawned in a random location within that town/outpost. So I figured I need some kind of "set" point within the town, of which I know which will ALWAYS be at the same spot, thus "double clicking" (=moving towards to object untill you touch it) would always take me to the same spot within the town, no matter where I intially spawn.

This seemed easy in the first place, but I had to find out the hard way. I simply can't script it so the macro "looks" for the colour (of the marker: "Melandru's Hope", look links) of that set point. (It's a pole, named after the area in which my farm lies) ON top of that, there is a second marker on the other side of the town, identical in color, but different in name. So I need a way for the macro to find the correct one, if he found both for some reason (And doesn't know which one to click on).


So, all summed up, this is what my macro should do:


Press ALT (and hold it down) and use the arrows keys ->, <- to "look" around and as soon as he has found on of the variation of the yellow color of the pole marker (look pictures: "Melandru's Hope") click on it, BUT however, he CAN'T click on the "Ferndale" marker (Look pictures). To make things even worse, the colour will always vary a bit, because if you are further away from the object, colours will become more pale. (And seeing I spawn random within the town...)


I know this might seem "alot" to ask, but believe me, I can't get it to work, I'm not even sure if this is possible. I know "how" the macro should do it, seeing I scripted bots in a easier program, but Macro-Express is a bit to professional for me :(

I was thinking something in the lines of: First set the "area" to look for the color, which should be the game window (pretty much the full screen), then do the "look around" part UNTILL he located the yellow color of "Melandru's Hope" at which point he click on it...



http://img183.imageshack.us/img183/6712/84200331ux3.jpg (You can clearly see the yellow marker: Melandru's Hope, some looking around is required tough)

http://img183.imageshack.us/img183/66/19331434cq9.jpg (A closer look, after clicking it, you can clearly see the yelow changed from pale to darker, because I moved closer a bit)

http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/7923/14224703db8.jpg (This is the WRONG marker, on the other side of the town, this one should be ignored)

http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/3765/86667966wl0.jpg (This is the full picture of the "pole", just so some people know what I was actually talking about, as you see, the name is at the bottom (Melandru's Hope, and it is "full" yellow, because I'm practicly right next to it)


Once again, apologies if this, for some reason, isn't allowed..


Ty in advance, and if it turns out I didn't supply enough information, I'll gladly edit this post to do so :)


Grtz, Rendier

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It may not be possible to do this with Macro Express for several reasons:


1. Many games do not use the standard keyboard hooks which Macro Express relies on.

2. You would need to scan the screen by pixel for the color that you are looking for which would take a large amount of time especially since you would need to use the arrow key to rotate and then scan repeatedly.

3. It is against the rules to use macro in Guild Wars. They are constantly scanning for macro users and ban their account when discovered.

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Sigh, I was fearing it wasn't doable... Looks like I'll have to find a different alternative :s


I also know it isn't allowed, but then again I can't be bothered playing the approx 800 hours it requires to get this achievement... (I don't really have 30 days straight to spare :))


Ty anyways for the fast reply :)

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