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Help reqd for macro to wait till a screen appears in the same web browser


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:rolleyes: Hi all,


i am designing a macro application for an application which runs in a web browser. It presses certain keys after which a new page comes (with a certain delay which is depenedent on the internet speed) in the same browser window. The browser window does not change. Now my macro is running without waiting for the screen to appear. I am not able to use window delay as there is no particular window or name for the scree. I tried usign time delay but the time it take varies on speed of internet. Can u help me resolve this. I want the macro to wait for the screen and then start after the screen appears. My application is depenedent on the time it saves and hence timing is very important.

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I'm not sure from your post how many different options you have when it goes to another web page, but I'll give you a general idea as to what I have done in this instance a couple times. If I know it's going to go to a specific screen next, so find something on that page you can capture in a variable, either a word, a control or a pixel color. (There are several articles on this here on the board.) I put this in a repeat loop, so after 10 seconds it looks for that word, control or pixel color. If it finds it, the macro "knows" it's on the browser page it needs to be on. If it doesn't find it, the macro waits another 10 seconds and tries again. You can do this repeat every 10 seconds for infiinity. :rolleyes: Once it finds the word, control or pixel color you macro can continue doing what you need it to do.


By using this you can also have if statements if there are maybe two or three (or more) pages you know it "might" go to.


I'm sure there are much smarter people out there with other ideas, but this one worked for me and was easy to do.



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Thank you very much for the reply. Let me try and see whether it works or not. For the question u asked there is one option like submit which takes it to another screen where again i need to click on another submit. And also my complete taks needs to be completed in 90 seconds. so milliseconds would that be a good option?

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