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How Do I Email Entire Folder Contents


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I want to create a macro that will email all contents of a folder without knowing the filenames or how many files there may be. I tried to create a macro to email an attachment, but it wanted me to choose a specific file. So I editted the macro in direct editor to replace the file name with a single * but this did not work. I only received an email with no attachments. Is there something in the below syntax I can change?



tmail.com;S1sending folderA2C:\Documents and Settings\topher\My Documents\My Pictures\*;>

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You can't use wildcards for attachments. This is what I do. I discovered a while ago that if you have a variable number of attachments you can accumulate them in a string var provided they are separated by semicolons. In fact you can do this with many tings in the email command. And it makes sense because if you look at the direct editor that’s all they do there. TO use this simply put T2 as the attachment. Works slick!

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