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Issues with certain ThunderRT6TextBox


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I have a third party application that uses a SSTabCtlWndClass with multiple tabs. I have no problems writing text to ThunderRT6TextBoxes (or other controls for that matter) on five of the seven tabs of the tab control, but I cannot seem to access the controls of the remaining two tabs. Using MacroExpress (v3.7.3.1) I receive the error "The specified control, C1, could not be found. The macro will be aborted".


The first macro works as expected. The second indicates the error above.


<ACTIVATE2:Test, Bob>

<GETCONTROL2:01:MAXHIRENET.EXE:ThunderRT6FormDCTest, Bob004:4SSTabCtlWndClass184SSSplitterWndClass2ThunderRT6Frame2ThunderRT6



<TEXTTYPE:Hello hello hello>


<ACTIVATE2:Test, Bob>

<GETCONTROL2:01:MAXHIRENET.EXE:ThunderRT6FormDCTest, Bob004:4SSTabCtlWndClass129SSSplitterWndClass1ThunderRT6Frame3ThunderRT6



<TEXTTYPE:Hello hello hello>


I have had similar issues using AutoIt and am looking for any thoughts or suggestions.



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