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Shortkeys with suffix activation require preceeding space


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I recently switched from prefix activation to suffix activation for my shortkeys to allow more shortkeys that are similar, ie ;fxra for "fracture right ankle" and ;fxrar for "fracture right arm". I currently start all shortkeys with ";" so I don't have to worry about normal text entry activating them. After switching I noticed that the firing of some shortkeys was inconsistent. I mentioned this to one of my partners that I had introduced to shortkeys. He has always used the suffix setting, and he told me that suffix shortkeys had to be preceeded by a space to work reliably. I notice that when using prefix activation, there is a solitary/ non solitary setting to handle this. Is there a similar option or work around when using the suffix option? If this is not an option, could it be added in the future?


Most of my shortkey use is in a template program for emergency medicine, Tsystems, and it handles text in boxes in ways that may not be standard. I know that Dragon NaturallySpeaking can't edit in its text boxes by voice once the mouse has been moved. However, since adding a leading space before the shortkey is typed resolves the problem, I thought there might be a workaround.

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The ME default for a shortkey is ##. However, you can change this, which I have, to other symbols. I chose - - Anyway, I have also found that shortkeys don't always work with other applications because you have to type the two pre or suf fixes and the indentifying digits. If your system doesn't allow this, because of the way fields, etc. are set up, the shortkey won't work, or work sporadically. And that's not because of ME, but always because of the way your application is set up to accept keystrokes. I would suggest using two pre or suf fixes instead of a space. If you don't see better results, use hotkeys instead of shortkeys.

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