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How do we change the size of a Dialog Box? I am using IF MESSAGE to show a checklist with OK/Cancel option before running a Macro. Only part of the text shows on the screen. Also, how do we change the font size/color/etc. in the dialog box.


BTW can't search the forum for "Dialog Box" because box is only 3 letters.



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What I do as a workaround is to open another text box. Usually I have the main box prompting the user in the middle but I'll add another resizable dialog box over on the left side of the screen as a kind of tips or explanation box. Works well.

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Sort of on topic- I had a dialog box open that would tell the user the name of the macro currently running (captured to variable) and an argument that would test the length of the Macro name in the variable, which would then adjust the size of the dialog box so that it would be no wider and no narrower than required to display the Macro name.

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Thanks everyone.


I went with Cory's dual box option. The main macro now calls out a sub-macro that contains a dialog box and the IF MESSAGE box. The dialog box with the check list items inside opens first. Then the IF MESSAGE box opens so both boxes are open at the same time. The dialog box in the sub-macro is set to close when the sub-macro ends, so both boxes close at the same time. All nice and easy.


Paul, the add on program is nice, but there were too many IT red flags. I would not be allowed to use it. It says in the instructions, "It's a very ugly system hack that sits in your system tray...This small hack is completely and utterly free and we accept no responsibility if it causes something to misbehave! It -=IS=- a HACK! "

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