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How to capture and manipulate time?


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Yes, under the text category there is a date/time command. You can use it to log the times to a file or what have you. There is also a datestamp in the debug command. And as long as the macro isn't running for more than a day the time calculations are fairly simple. However there are some pre-written routines for time calculations. Someone made a list of them here just about a week ago, you might check there if you need something more sophisticated. BTW, in the Date/time time command you can save just one component of the time like hour (h) so you don't have to parse it out later. So let's say you save the hour (24 clock), minute and seconds. in T1-3. Now convert to integer N1-3 and multiply N1*3600, N2*60, and then sum N1-3. Then just subtract the stop from start values and you have the running seconds.

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For some reason, mm won't work. ss and hh do, and when I put mm:ss together, mm does not display properly (displayed 02 when should be 49)


However, putting them all together, hh:mm:ss, works just fine. I will just chop up a variable with all of them in it rather than try to figure out the program issue!



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