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Your impression of the book??


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Hi Folks,

I'm thinking about getting the Mac Exp Book. It's a bit of an investment at $50 though...

I'm pretty good at scouring the help file to find answers, but I've found that the true functionality of this powerful app is more than can be covered in a standard help file. Of the forum members who have purchased the book, how many feel that it contains information that cannot be obtained via the helpfile and general tinkering?

Can anyone identify some cool thing they were able to to after reading the book??


Many thanks. -steveK

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Just get it, you won't regret it. But to answer your question I find that about 25% of my research projects on a an ME function or whatever ends up with consulting the book. But one thing I like about his book is that although most of ME's help file is written plain English I often read something and think "Huh? What are they saying here?" and find that Joe has either said it a different way or more verbosely so that I can get what they were saying. Also it's easy to read so about a week after I got it I found myself reading it cover to cover. And although I didn't retain all of it the overview gave me a better understanding of all the capabilities so I could come back and further research items later when I had an application.


I'll sell you a copy of the PDF for $18.95. Just kidding! Settle down Joe and have a glass of wine. :D

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Hi Everyone.

Thanks for the replies!

I also found that Google Books has a nice sample/preview of the book. I learned a couple things by just reading the preview!!

I bought the .pdf version. I'll aggree, it does seem to be a good investment... steve

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I simply ordered it through my library Interlibrary Loan department, and being a recent book, they decided to purchase it.


If you just want to read it or photocopy a few pages it might be the way to go. Or if you want a chance to preview it before you purchase it it would also be a good way to go about doing that.

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  • 5 weeks later...

We have just bought it and even though we have used Me for a couple of years, I've already learned alot of interesting stuff from the book. Don't just think about it, just get it now! :D


And now the weather report:

Friday 13:15 Sunny, free from clouds and +12°C.


Time to go home soon.

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