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HI All

I'm not new to this but I'm not the greatest either. I have been working with ME a couple years now.

I've got this program made up to go out on internet to 5 different bank sites and retreave my account information. It in itself works great but the problem is I have the mouse locations prerecorded in excel and transfer them to ME to to move the mouse to the right position and that works gteat but every couple months the banks will change screen positions just enough that it won't go to the correct location.

Now I have to go back and manually relocate the controls I use. VERY ANNOYING !!!!


I have seen several ideas on capturing controls but not on Html Explorer screens. I use find on several of the front end screens and that works fine. But when I get to the screens where the account #s are. I can't use find, NOTHING found.

Is there a way to control the controls or LINKS on an Explorer sheet. I think they are actuaul account numbers on a Link. Is there a way to select them.



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Have you tried "View Source" and tried to divine them from the raw HTML? Generally I just use series of Tabs as I haven't found anything that's more reliable. But again the tab counts can change so you might have the same problem. Next time I get a project like this I'm going to experiment with WGET and see if I can in effect avoid using the browser.

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