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Determine Cursor Position


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Okay, so what I tried to do was this.


Upon entry into the webpage, the cursor is sitting in an text box.

If I single mouse click somewhere outside of the edit field, ctrl a, ctrl c, and then click again somewhere outside the edit field, that should get me the text in the clipboard, when I can then check.


The problem is that I can't seem to find some mouse position that always works.


Is there a different way to accomplish this but using different commands or something?



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Writing macros for a web page is a little tricky. There have been numerous posts on this topic. Here is one way to automate access to a web page:


- Move the cursor to the address bar. In Firefox our IE you type Alt-d to go to the address (URI) field.

- Type a specific number of tabs to move to a specific field on the web page.


But, you might say, the web page changes. Well in that case you can load the content of the web page into Macro Express and parse through the page to determine what fields exist on the page. To learn how to do this part do a search in the forum for the topics that previously discussed it.


I hope this helps.

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Well I searched for Load Web Page, but the search engine doesn't like 3 characters fields.

I tried Parse Page, but didn't see anything.


It's probably something fairly simple, but I just can't see to find how to load a webpage into a variable or clipboard so I can parse it.


Can someone point me in the right direction, or the proper search fields?




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I've searched for Parse,

parse webpage,

save http,

scrape (which it says there isn't any but I could have sworn I saw a message earlier in my searches),



and can't find anything that will show me how to save the current website page in either a variable or clipboard, or a fullproof way to do with ctrl a (which I'm having trouble doing because my cursor is sitting in an edit box).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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