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I am trying create file folders within a notes database. I currently doing the following: select a folder, copy and paste. This results in two folders with the same name, i.e. Folder 08-001. I click on the newly created folder and edit it (crtl e) and change the title of the folder to "Folder 08-002". I keep doing this until I have the desired amount of folders.


Copying and pasting with ME is a breeze, but how can I get ME to change the folder name to "Folder 08-xxx +1"?


Hope that makes sense? Please let me know if it doesn't and I will try to be clearer.




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You say this is being done in a notes database but it sounds like your describing regular file folders. I'll assume that they're regular file folders for this message, if I have that wrong please let me know.


You would probably be better served by using the built in file and folder manipulation commands. Instead of coping and pasting in Windows Explorer I would use commands like Create Folder or Copy Files. In here you can insert logic that suits your need like having a repeat with a counter that you can use to create sequential file names. Also you can use other tricks like if that "08" represents the year you can generate that bit of the text from the Date/Time command so you don't have to modify your macro in 2009.

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