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Searching for text/variables in macros


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How do we search all macros to find text or variables within the macros? I have a main macro that calls out 35 sub macros in sequence. Now I need to find some variables to see which macro(s) use them and would also like to search for specific text. SEARCH appears to look at the Macro Nickname only, not in the text of the macro. Opening each macro and searching takes too long. Even if each macro was fully documented, it would still take too long to open and search every macro. The macros are all in the same file and show up in the main window.


Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Here is what I would suggest. From the Macro Express - Explorer window click on File | Export | Output Macro Information. Save all of your macro details (you can choose which information to save) to a .txt file. Open the .txt file in Notepad, Word or similar and do your searches.

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Howdy Stan. I don't think I've crossed swords with you yet but I just want ot thank you for a suggestion that rocks! I saw nmanagers post and although I don't change the names of my subs that often it has happened and I didn't have a convenient cure. Until now that is! Thanks!


Nmanager: Stan's suggestion worked pretty well for me. All you need to do is search for the string of the macro you're calling and it will take you right there. The gobbly gook you see is exactly what you will find in the direct editor and a macro run will look like <MACRUN2:My macro name>. So just look up to the name line above it and there's your macro.

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