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Lotus Organizer Auto Dialing+calender Record


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If there is a Lotus Organizer User the following might be of interest for him:


LO AD = Lotus Organizer Adressbook allows to find a contact by typing the first 3-4 characters into your keyboard. You can


1. start an automatic call and

2. enter a new "appointment" into your calender with start time and duration of your call and all important data gathered from your contact recors.


One of the coolest macro I wrote with Macro Express = Alt+^ and starts automatic dialing. At the end of your phone call, you have the choice to create a new calender entry with the data from your addressbook and the exact duration time of your call like this:


T> 100-999 SCC-N Weissmann, Norbert Report2004 +43 (671) 123456


(as Duration 13 Minutes)


T> = Telefone call outgoing

100 = company SCC

999 = Project No

SCC-N = Company name shortcut and personal abbrev.

Weissmann =Last

Norbert = First

Report2004 = subject

Telephone number called.


Macro Alt+^ is one of over 160 macros which can be downloaded free as Macex.zip from my website:



Unfortunately I don't have all English program versions to translate them to English, but I am sure English native speakers will easily translate them as they are full of English explanations (REM) within the macros.



At the end of each month my client gets an EXCEL REPORT attached to my invoice for consulting working hours and all telephone calls & other costs.



Best regards


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