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Hi there,


I am interested in purchasing a license for Macro Express.


I currently use an application called Mojopac. Essentially Mojopac can be thought of as similar to Microsoft Virtual PC or VMWare. Basically, what Mojopac allows you to do is install a heavily stripped down version of Windows on to a onto any USB device. You can then take the USB device to any "host" PC running Windows and run your Mojopac Windows "on-top" of the host PC. So, the Mojopac Windows installation will run exactly the same no matter which "host" PC you plug it into.


My question is, using this scenario do I only need to buy one license (to cover the installation onto the Mojopac USB drive). To sumarise I will be using Macro Express on multiple machines but it is only ever installed on one physical hard drive.


As a follow-on question, is the generated license key tied to any hardware device? Mojopac has problems with applications which use a serial number which is machine specific.



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