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Floating menu to activate on startup...


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Is there anyway to get ME to automatically run a floating menu upon startup? We are using a new program and a floating menu is ideal for what we want to accomplish. Since a lot of the people who use these macros are computer illiterate or stubborn to change, going into ME and activating the menu is too much to ask. I wish I was kidding.


It would be great if it would automatically run itself when an individual logged into their computer. Any help would be great!!!

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If the floating menu is never closed during the day, then it will still be open when you restart Macro Express or the computer.


If the menu is closed during the day, which disables the macro, then here is what I would suggest.

Create a one line scheduled macro that runs on startup. Use the Macro Enable command to enable the floating menu. When Macro Express starts on Windows startup, the menu is enabled and displayed.

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