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Ping 200 IP Addresses


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Did you go to Macro Express help and type PING in the search. There seems to be a good tutorial/directions on how to get ME to do a ping and return results. You may have to manipulate it a little, but by using If statements and variables I would think you should be able to get the results you want. I have never used this tool, but it seems pretty easy to get the results you are looking for. Good Luck!

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The other part to this is to save the Excel file to a .csv file. Use the ASCII Begin File Process command to read each line of the file - each IP address. It will read the first address and save it to a variable such as T1. Enter %T1% as the address to Ping in the Ping Site command and save the results to variable T2. Do your IF statements to find the results and post to another file. Close the loop with an ASCII File End Process command.


The loop then starts over again with line two, or your second IP address and does the comparison, etc. It will do this for all 200 addresses in the file.


Look at the ASCII Begin File Process topic in the help as well.

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