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Identify Macro File Differences


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Welcome Defender56!


If I understand what you are asking, once you make a change to a macro in a library (.mex) file, and then save the change, there is no way to go back and see what it looked like before. So, there is nothing to compare.


However, there is a 3rd party product that we use, which allows us to go back dozens of revisions and restore any one of them. Its called GoBack. You can read about it on Symantec's web site.

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Thanks for the welcome Joe.


I'm looking for a way to isolate differences between two revisions of a macro file rather than actually revert back to a previous revision. After a developer has modified a macro, I'm want to compare it to the previous version and determine exactly what changed. I can't use one of my compare utilities since the .mex file is largely binary.

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All you can do is use the File / Export / Output Macro Information using the Name and Text options, then do a textual compare on the two versions. While not perfect, it's not too bad.


I wrote a macro to output all macros to a text file (easy enough to do), as I needed to do this quite often.

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