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Critical number of macros?


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Do you have the macros all linked together, one calling another, calling another - in some type of chain? In this type of situation, the macros do not close and you could be running out of system resources.


If not, how do you run the macros? Are they all scheduled? Can you tell at what point or which macro causes the IE problem?

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They are not linked together, but are each separate macros which are individually scheduled at different times. They all run between 1-5 am, so I don't know if one of them is causing a problem. I have had this happen before and it has only happened when I have more than 40 macros that run within that timeframe. I have all of them minimize after running so I can pull them back up to check them. Perhaps I should close the macros I know work perfectly everytime. I guess you can only have a certain number of windows open at one time on IE. I hadn't actually thought about that until know. I guess I was wondering it Macroexpress only allows you to create a certain number of macros. -jm

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