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Find a symbol in each line of an open .txt file and delete it and preceding


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I've got a macro set up for TextPad to find a text string using "Find in Files" and then save the search results. What I need is to clean up the labeling that TextPad inserts (as a reference to the files where the strings were found), leaving me with just the text I searched for. In the end I'll be importing the text into another program, so that's why I need the specific formatting.


What I'm trying to figure out for the moment is how to get a macro to search each line of text for a colon (":") and then delete it and everything preceding it on that line, then repeat till the last line of the text file.


Any suggestions? Or improvements on the overall scheme?

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It looks like you should be able to do this in 5 steps.


Text File Begin Process: "sample.txt"

Variable Set Integer %N1% from Position of Text in Variable %T1%

Variable Modify String: Delete Part of %T1%

Variable Modify String: Append %T1% to Text File

Text File End Process


Step 1 reads the first line of your text file and saves to T1.

Step 2 finds the position of the : character in the text string and saves it to N1

Step 3 deletes part of the text string - start at position one and delete N1 number of characters

Step 4 saves the new smaller string to a new text file. Select the Add Trailing CR/LF option.

Step 5 closes the loop and repeats the process for the next line in the text file.

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