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Hello again!


I was wondering if anyone knew how to retrieve information from a hidden application?


In my macro, information is pasted to an Excel spreadsheet and once THAT instance of Excel opens, I command Macro Express to make that instance hidden. Right before Excel is hidden, the information gets pasted into Excel.


While it's hidden, I would like to get that info and create a tab separated text file and kill the Excel process.


I see that this can be done as a macro IN Excel, but I want to do this in Macro Express.


Anyone have an idea?


I've got everything up until Excel is hidden and just want an idea of how to grab the info while it's hidden.


While were at it, if I wanted to rename the file and close it, how can THAT be done also?





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I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to accomplish, but here is my thought. If you are pasting information into Excel, the information must already be saved to the clipboard. The clipboard commands includes an option to save the clipboard to a .txt file. Would this do what you need?


You can use the Terminate Process command to close Excel. The Rename File command can rename the file. The file does not need to be open to use the Rename File function.

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Thanks Stan!!!!


Here is what is happening. I have a program named ACT! 8.0. Within the program, I can hit ALT+W to get a list of contacts to "paste" to an unnamed Excel file. I do check clipboard to see if it did paste, but it looks like there is some other special "paste" command happening that ACT! has internally.


I look at the clipboard while the info is being copied through the clipboard and it looks like there's a tiny corner on the top left that "flickers" a small spot. This a lot of info being passed through this one spot in the clipboard.


I've tried to "catch it" as it passes through, but no luck.



So what I want to do is see if I could copy/paste a hidden un-named Excel file into a text file while it's un-named and hidden.


Also, how can one rename an Excel file when looking at the Windows "task manager"? All I see is "Excel.exe" as the program running. What if there is more than one "Excel.exe"?


So 3 questions arise.


How do I know which one to terminate?

How do I know which one to save?

How do I know which one to copy?


Really, it's finding out where that file is in the "Hidden programs".

I do not want to see the excel file "flash" for even a second and make it appear as seamless as possible.





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