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Hot Key Quandary


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While I was experimenting with my macro code, it got to a point that the Hotkey(Alt+W) would not work anymore on the program I was working on. The only remedy I had was to restart my computer.


This happened twice tonight with the same Macro I was developing. Of course, I was going through some trial and error with my macro trying to get it right and then the Hotkey stopped working altogether for the program itself.


How do I restore the hotkey for my program? I am sure it started with Macro Express and somehow froze the program's ability to call up it's own hotkey.





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It may be that the Control key was "stuck" down. If it happens again, try pressing the control key a few times and then try running the macro again. If you notice that this is the case, you may want to use the Control Down and Control Up keys instead of the Control in the Text Type commands. That should give the macro more stability.

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I tried your suggestion and it worked for a little, but then it went back to not being able to trigger an action in the software program. I am using the keyboard to trigger this and NOT text type in Macro Express as you alluded to in the Control Up and Control Down text type functions.


I wonder if it's this:


I wanted to have Macro Express pick up when a Windows Title appears to do some other action. For some reason, it gives the error that the macro did not do what it was supposed to do. (that was maybe my fault because I haven't finished the macro yet). I click to close the error message and abort the macro and then I can no longer use the program's hotkey to do anything.


I also notice that the tray icon no longer is visible. Now I have to restart the computer to get the tray icon to come back.





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Can you check the task manager to see if macexp.exe is running after the macro crashes. If it is not, it is possible that Macro Express is crashing.


Is it possible for you to show us the macro for us to take a look at and see what might be going on? If you do not want to post the macro, you could also send it to info@wintools.com and one the Insight's techs will take a look at it to determine exactly what is happening.

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