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Okay, last post for today....

I don't know if this is even possible ...

MS Outlook seems to be one of the most-used calendar and task-management (as well as email) products.

I would love being able to read and write directly Outlook's .pst files without having to launch the Outlook application.

For example there could be a MacExp dialog with


Make New Outlook 2007 Task

Set %T1% as Subject

Set %N1% as Priority




Did that makes sense?


Side note: It *is* currently possible to call Outlook with MacExp and use Outlook's hidden command-line switches as "parameters" in MacExp. For example, Program Launch: Outlook.exe with Program Parameters: /c ipm.task will create a new Task without launching the entire Outlook GUI....


Thanks -steve :lol:

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I don't know about silent running Outlook from a command prompt but I'm guessing you could use VB Script to silently 'load' and interact with Outlook. Also I'm almost certain you can not write directly to the PST files. They're very large database files and if you meddle with any part of them the pages will become inconsistent and therefore considered corrupt by Outlook.


BTW sometimes you can manually create delimited text files and automatically import them into Outlook. Just export the task or what have you, determine the data format, and re-import. Works fairly slick.

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