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Hi Developers,


On this other thread http://pgmacros.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=2940 we've been brainstorming ways to integrate a receiving text variable into a loop. This quote sums it up well:


. . . which was to treat var T1 dynamically like "Save Clipboard to var T%N1%" then increment N1, thus changing the which T var is used ....


Oopps! Sorry I was sure that it was possible to do . . .



Hi Blopib and Developers, I too, was surprised when I realized this wasn't possible. Compared to some of the things MacExp is capable of, this actually seems somewhat basic. I suspect that there might be some limitations in the Win32 platform that have prevented MacExp from having this feature. If not, please consider it for your "features to add" list.


Thanks. :lol:

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*** This answer is a duplicate of the answer posted in the original thread. ***

which was to treat var T1 dynamically like "Save Clipboard to var T%N1%" then increment N1, thus changing the which T var is used ....

This has been discussed many times in this forum, was included in the Macro Express News newsletter and is included on the Sample Macros web page. I know that it is sometimes difficult to come up with the correct search terms but one should try.


The feature that allows you to use variables like %T%N1%% is disabled by default. The 'Variables Evaluation Level' option enables this feature. In Macro Express v 3.7 and later click Options, Preferences, Miscellaneous. Click the Advanced button and enter something greater than 0 in the 'Variables Evaluation Level' field.


Here are some relevant links:


* Need Clarification on Incrementing Text Variables, T1 becomes T2 etc. on each repeat.

* Increment variable name, How to increment variable name

* Able To Use Variable In Variable Names?

* Variable Evaluation Level, Macro Express 3

* http://www.macros.com/newsletters/MENewsJul2005.htm

* http://www.macros.com/usermacs/umvariableevaluationlevel.htm

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