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There are 2 users in my office having a problem. They have a key programmed in Keyboard Express 2000 (Version 2.7b) and all it does is tab 5 times. The activation is CTRL+Z. It works perfectly. I imported this macro into Macro Express and it does not work. I know it is activating, because I can see the "M" in the system tray flicker to a "Runner" and then back to an "M". But it does nothing. If I change the activation in Macro Express from CTRL+Z to F2, it works fine. But it will not work as CTRL+Z.


I know some applications do weird things when you press CTRL and release it. Like they go into a different mode or something. Is it possible that Keyboard Express is trapping the CTRL and the Z like it is supposed to, and maybe Macro Express is letting the CTRL command "slip out"? I don't know what other explanation there could be. This just doesn't make sense.


Any help or insight would be much appreciated...

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Try adding a Delay to the top of the macro. It may be that the Ctrl key is taking a moment to be released. Start with a fairly long delay and, if it works, shorten it.


Another thing to try is to add a "Sound Wave" or "Sound Beep" command to the top of the macro. This will let you determine if the macro is being activated. If it is not being activated, then we need to look in a different direction. Of course, the Sound command can be removed later.

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