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Passing text variable with forward slash via Command Line Parameters


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The code command used was /VT1:500000/5000.

I am planning to do a manually workaround by replacing the forward slash (e.g. /VT1:500000[Chr47]5000) with a custom string of text (e.g. [Chr47]) and then replace the custom string with a forward slash (i.e. /) after Restoring Values.


To replace most of the forward slashes, here's a macro that loops through the first 97 text variables and replaces them.

Note: I used ASCII47 in this sample code instead of [Chr47].

The following code is also attached as a playable macro that you may import.

<REM2:RestoreTextVariablesReplaceForwardSlash><REM2:Converts custom text to forward slash in all variables except T98 and T99.><REM2:Uses T98, T99, and N99.><VARSR:06><REM2:T99 - Master String><TVAR2:99:01:><REM2:N99 - Variable counter><REP3:01:000001:000001:00097:1:99:><TMVAR2:07:99:00:000:000:<TMVAR2:21:><IFVAR2:2:99:3:10><REM2:Add leading zero.><TMVAR2:07:99:00:000:000:0><ENDIF><REM2:Replace ASCII47 with forward slash for text variable N99.><TMVAR2:07:99:00:000:000:%N99%:01:000:000:ASCII47ASCII01/ASCII01>><ENDREP><REM2:Replace ASCII Characters.><ASCIIC:98:1:01><TMVAR2:21:99:01:000:000:ASCII01%T98%><REM2:Run scripted macro to replace forward slashes.><RUNMACVAR:99>


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The forward slash is used as a command line delimiter. When you enter /VT1:500000/5000 Macro Express sees it as /VT1:50000 followed by /5000. Since /5000 is not a valid command line switch, it is ignored.


You could use a different character to separate the two values like this: /VT1:500000#5000 and then have your macro split them up. Another approach would be to put each value in a separate variable like this: /VT1:500000 /VT2:5000.


Other characters that have meaning for a Windows command line such as '\', '<', '>' and '|' cannot be passed via the command line.

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