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Keyboard Hooks [everquest 2]


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Welcome to the group kimsy!


I am not at all familiar with this game, so I am sorry that I do not have an answer for you. Maybe someone else will.


Is the game buggering up both HotKey and ShortKey activations? How about your mouse? Does the game take control of that, too?

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Thanks for the reply.


I've been successfully using ME with many MMORPG games (such as Asheron's Call and World of Warcraft).


The Everquest 2 [EQ2] (developed by Sony Entertainment Online) is the only game that does not work with ME.


It seems like they don't like macro'er, so they intentionally corrupt the keyboard hooks.


I was hoping if there's anyone who knows a workaround.


HotKey, ShortKey, Mouse Control, etc. Just nothing work. (Even after I try the ME "Restore Hooks" option -- either nothing happen or the EQ2 client program crash).

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