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Just downloaded ME and waiting for the book to arrive, apparently it can take up to one month ! so just got a couple of questions to help get things started...

I want to copy data from Lotus Approach fields and paste into Webpage cells, however, if the webpage cells are not in the exact same position as the macro was recorded, the ME macro is unable to perform the task. I used the Quick Wizard for recording.... Is this the best way to go about this job or should I be looking at another way of doing it ?


Any help appreciated.

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Welcome to the group!


Along with the tutorial, the Quick Wizards are a great place to get started learning Macro Express. Any macro that a Quick Wizard generates can be directly modified in the Script Editor window.


It seems from your post that the simplest solution would be to generate a macro that takes the following steps for each field:

  1. Activate the Lotus window
  2. Tab to a field
  3. Copy it to the clipboard
  4. Activate the web page window
  5. Tab to the target field
  6. Paste from the clipboard

Keep in mind that other solutions will present themselves as you gain more experience with Macro Express.


As to the book taking a month ... that seems awfully strange to me. When did you order it? Where did you order it from? And where is it being delivered? US? Canada? Europe?

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I just checked at www.amazon.co.uk from where, I assume, you ordered the book. It says something totally different than www.amazon.com.


Although we have no control over Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indigo, or any other distributor, we can set you up with a free PDF file of the book while you are waiting for the physical one to arrive. Just email me at joe@pgmacros.com and I'll give you the details on how to get it.


Thanks for joining the group and for your purchase!

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