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I'd be obliged if someone could let me know the correct procedure for setting up Macro Express 3.0 so that multiple user (accounts) on the same PC running Win XP Pro can use the app.


I have RTFM . . . but couldn't see this issue addressed and I'm getting error messages trying to open/start the app when logged in as another user.


Thanks in anticipation.

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The error message you are getting is probably because Macro Express is attempting to re-open the last macro file (.mex) that it had open. If that file is under one account in the "My Documents" folder or another non-shared folder, you will not have access to that same file when logged on under a different user account. The .mex file you are using would have to be moved to a folder that is accessible by all accounts and you should no longer get error messages when logging on.

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If you don't want all of the users to share the same settings (i.e. window positions, current macro file, etc.) then you'll need to adjust one preference.


Go into Options | Preferences | Miscellaneous and uncheck the "All Users use Same Settings" option. With that cleared, each of your users will be able to set up Macro Express in any way that want, without interfering with the other users on the system.

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