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When posting on this forum you are more likely to get an answer if we can easily understand the question.

  • More words often make your question more intimidating and less understandable.
  • Consider posting a short macro demonstrating the problem.
  • When posting a macro, enclose it in CODE tags. It is more difficult to read when embedded in the text of your post.
  • Forum members do not always have the time to copy your macro, bring up Macro Express, create a new macro, and paste your macro into it to understand what is going on. Consider posting the macro in it's script form. Try this:
    1. Open your example macro in the Script Editor
    2. Highlight the lines of the macro you want to copy
    3. Right-click your mouse and choose 'Copy Command Text'
    4. Open your browser to the discussion forum
    5. Type [ CODE ] without spaces
    6. Press Ctrl-v to paste the script
    7. Type [ /CODE ] without spaces

Remember we are volunteering our time and efforts. Some days we have time to read and understand a question and other days we may not. If you can make it easier for us to understand what you are asking you are more likely to get an answer. Contact Insight Software Solutions directly for support help.

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Also, if you remember additional information after you post your questions, use the edit option instead of replying to your own post if no one else has replied to it. Many people will see that a reply has been posted and will ignore the post making it harder for you to get your answer.

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