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I am writing a macro to index a large number of photo categories on my web site. I initially did it using mouse clicks but I find that it does not work the same on different screen sizes. I am able to do the same thing by calling up web pages. Ex:


<HTTP2:1:F:url/imageFolio.cgi?admin=admin&cgi=categories.pl&cataction=index_me&uid=1390382411><WAITWIN2:000002:000000:Select a Category><HTTP2:1:F:url/imageFolio.cgi?admin=build&ct=1210861100&category=Amphibians&submit=Rebuild+Amphibians>

<WAITWIN2:000002:000000:Rebuilding Indexes><HTTP2:1:F:url/imageFolio.cgi?admin=admin><WAITWIN2:000002:000000:Administration><HTTP2:1:F:url/imageFolio.cgi?admin=admin&cgi=categories.pl&cataction=index_me&uid=1390382412>

<WAITWIN2:000002:000000:Select a Category>


<WAITWIN2:000002:000000:Rebuilding Indexes><HTTP2:1:F:url/ImageFolio4/imageFolio.cgi?admin=admin>



This works just fine and I have quite a number of additional categories to index. The problem is that each of these opens in a new window. I would like them to open in the same window so that I don't have 300 windows open by the time that the macro finishes. I looked in the help section but could not find anythiing. I am new to the program but it is helping me solve a huge problem that I am having reindexing my photo categories.


I did manage to get something to work. After each category rebuilds, I send a Control Down command plus a "W" and then a Control Up command. That closes the previous window. Each rebuild opens in a new window but the combination above closes each as it finishes. Perhaps there is an easier way but this works at least for now.


Any help would be appreciated.

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I just tried a simple experiment and it seems to work. After opening the browser the first time, use the Text Type command to press Alt d. This takes the cursor to the address line. Then have the macro type the URL in the address line and press enter to open the new page. Follow with a Wait for Web Page command.

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