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repeat with set names


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I have read about the loop increment 1,2,3,4,5. however I need to be able to create a table that will grab the next name every time I have it loop. I have used a macro program in the past that does this but I cant place my mind on it. does this one do that. I look in several place but was unable to find examples of what I need. I have several clients that I log into their accounts and pull pdf lables for shipping and want to automate the process as its about 300 logins by hand atm. looking to purchase if this works.




loop 1




loop 2




and so on

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Well I think thi is not difficult, I don't see where is the problem, you make a text file , use a pointer to it , memorise pointer position and this should make it... but of course programming always need some basic knowlege and some time...


Also, in your case, may need more than one file, depend on situation... when you restart your computer ( or program to manage your macro-job ), does it will always restart on position 1 ( max ... ) or it have to start after the last job done ?


rgds james

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With Macro Express, you should be able to do this quite easily.


There are several functions for using text files. If you had a single text file, and on each line, you had a client's name, you can use a function called "Text file begin process". This command will start with the first line in the text file. You can then take that client's name and use it how you need. When your code ends, it will then process the 2nd row in the text file, which contains the next client. Your macro will then repeat the same code using the 2nd client's info. It will continue until it has run the code on every line in your text file.


You can even use Excel if you had more data for each client. (ie: column 1 = client name; column 2 = password; column 3 = address; etc). If you save this excel file as a .csv file, macro express will loop through each row, and assign the values in each column into variables. In other words, on the first loop through the .csv file, it will store column 1 ; row 1 into a variable; column 2 row 1 into a 2nd variable; column 3, row 1 into a 3rd variable; etc). On the next pass through the loop, it will go to second row in the .csv file and continue in this manner.


What I like about Macro express is that there are several ways to achieve the results you need.

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