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Activate, but not show window?


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I want to have Macex type text in a program which is running, but minimized. Is there any way to have a macro activate a window, type some text commands, but not show the window?


This *might* be possible. It depends on if the Get Control Utility can save the window into a control variable. Basically, go to Window Controls -> Get Control, and then "Launch Get Control Utility". You will then see a window that has a "cross hairs" at the bottom. Use your mouse and drag the cross hairs off the window and drag it to the window you wish to have text entered. If the Capture Window Control shows text in the "Class Name" after doing this, click "save". Then on the "Get Control" window, click "ok". By default, this saves the window into variable C1.


Now, if that window is minimized, you can use the "Text Type" command to send text to that window (while it is minimized). Make sure the "Send Text to Control" radio button is selected at the bottom. Also make sure that if you used variable C1 in Get Control, that you use the same variable in "Send Text to Control".


I tested this with notepad minimized, and it worked great. While it also works great in other programs (linking a control to a button, or menu item) it may not work in your program. The Macro Express help pages explain that some programs (ie: Microsoft programs) have fewer controls than programs written by other software companies. You really need to run the "Launch Get Control Utility" and see if it works.


Good luck!

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