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Upgrading From 3.5b To 3.5c


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We are getting "new" computers at my office, and I am wanting to have ME installed on those computers that are replacing the old ones that have ME on them now. We are making a "ghost image" to reformat the harddrives (hope that makes sense) anyway, here is my question... I've made quite a few macros using ver. 3.5b. If we upgrade to 3.5c will that mess up my existing macros? What if some users who have a "new" computer don't get the new upgraded computers have to live with 3.5b until who knows when they get around to upgrading? We've had an issue of 3.5a not working w/some of my macros.


I guess the bottom line is this... the majority of my users have 3.5b. Should we make that the standard for all the comptuers (you've got to understand I work for the state and they are so slow to make installations like this because its NOT a priority FOR THEM) or should I push to have 3.5C installed and just have to wait for some people's computers to get upgraded? My boss told me what we decide to do will be it forever and ever. So stick with 3.5b or move to 3.5c?


Hope that made sense - Renee A.

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If you write your macros on a machine running a newer version of Macro Express than your workstations, then any macro commands that are unique to the newer version will cause problems on the older version. For example, say you write your macros using v 3.5c but the target machine is running v 3.4. You would have a problem if you used any features that were introduced after v 3.4 was released.


You should be able to avoid problems between v 3.5b and v 3.5c as long as you do not try to play system sounds in the Sound Wave command or use the Keyboard Decimal as a hotkey. These are the only two things listed on the list of changes for v 3.5c that would cause problems.

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