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I have created installation technique that uses a batch file to complete a silent install on a network drive. At the bottom of the post are two of the four files used. The LICENSENAME and CODE have actually license information in the real configuration file. Please notice that there is no Editor installed, NOEDITOR=Y.


If the PC that runs the batch file for the first time does not have Local Administrator rights, the program will not be licensed. Anytime a macro is run, the trial license message appears.


The difficult way to get around this is to do a manual Custom Install to the same directory ensuring that Editor is checked to install it, run MacExp, click Help, License Information, enter the Name and Code manually, and delete MacEdit.exe.


Are there any other automated ways to license Macro Express (e.g. add some key(s) to the registry)?


Thank you for help.



macex3.exe /S /M=macex3.txt
















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Hello Iceman!


I doubt that access to Macro Express license information is that straightforward. However, I don't think you need the editor to enter license keys. With a read-only installation like this, doesn't the License Macro Express option still appear when you right-click on the icon in the System Tray? If so, then maybe part of your automated installer batch could include running a playable (.mxe) that chooses the license option and enters the Name and Code fields.

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We at Insight Software Solutions recommend that Macro Express be installed when logged on as an administrator. There are some things that the installer does that Windows normally does not allow non administrator users to do. One example of this is the file associations of the extensions .mex and .mxe. Another, as you pointed out, has to do with the Macro Express license.


If a non administrator user enters the license, Macro Express will be licensed for that user login only. If a user with administrator priviledges enters the license, Macro Express will be licensed for all user logins for that machine.


During setup you can use the /M= option without the /S option. What this will do is change the default values in the setup dialogs to the values specified in the setup file.


As a test I created two files: setup.bat and setup.txt


Setup.bat contains:

macex.exe /m=setup.txt

Setup.txt contains:

LICENSENAME=<my license name>

When I run setup.bat, the Macro Express license contained in the setup.txt file is installed. You could add NOEDITOR=Y to the setup.txt as well.

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