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I'm not a Macro Express power user, but thought I'd share two very simple macros I use often. I don't do much error correction, but please sing out if you can see ways to bulletproof them.


1) I saw a piece of shareware that corrects a simple defect in the Windows Explorer -- namely, no "Create New Folder" button on the toolbar and no easy key combination to create a new folder. I thought, "I can create a macro that does that." This is the command I use in Win 2000 and XP; I don't know if the File>New>Folder sequence is different in other systems.


So when the Explorer window is open and I've clicked in the right pane, I press F12 to get a new folder.


Scope: Explorer.exe

Hotkey: F12


Text Type: <ALTD>f<ALTU>wf



2) I'm a tech writer and often have to hyphenate compound adjectives, or hyphenate a string of words in an email (like "hard-to-please"). So I wrote the following macro. Select the text to be hyphenated and press the hotkey.


Scope: Global

Hotkey: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+


Clear Text Variables: All

Clipboard Cut

Variable Set String %T1% from Clipboard

Replace " " with "-" in %T1%

Variable Modify String: Save %T1% to Clipboard

Clipboard Paste


Thanks -- Mike

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