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Hey all,


I was wondering if anyone else came across the same problem.


A) I want ME to open an Excel file right after a COMPLETELY SEPARATE program launches.

B) I want the Excel file to be hidden when it launches

C) The excel file is an OLE DB that connects to a database and refreshes every 30 seconds

D) A dialog box called "refresh query" opens up in between the first program and Excel, asking the user to either ENABLE automatic refresh or disable the automatic refresh.


There are two problems:


1) Excel does not open hidden. It's probably because of the interim "refresh query".

2)Of course, there is an ALT-E and ALT-D hotkey to cause the window title "refresh query" to close, but how can this all be done hidden?


Any suggestions?



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"Hidden" and "Minimized" options of Launch Program seem to have no effect. I thought there might be a command-line option for Excel to open minimized, but no, can't find one. The best I could do was launch it and then immediately minimize it. And that doesn't help with your refresh pop-up. I'm stumped!

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That's true. Thanks Kevin for the suggestion.


However, I would like the Excel program to not show at all. Not even a flicker.


I too am having problem with "Launch" when clicking "hidden'. Is there any way it doesn't show at all? I guess it looks like a VBscript or a Macro within Excel is the only solution?


Is this a bug?



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<IFOTH:04:2:Microsoft Excel - ACT! Excel ole db><MSTOP><ENDIF><LAUNCHNO3:2:0112ACT! Excel ole db<LAUNCH:C:\Documents and Settings\Pat\Desktop\ACT! Excel ole db.xls3><DIS:<ACTIVATE2:Refresh Query><DIS:<WAITWIN2:000010:000000:Query Refresh><DIS:<GETCONTROL:01:EXCEL.EXE:001:bosa_sdm_XL9Query Refresh><DIS:<SETFOCUS:01><DIS:<MMW2:20,-164><DIS:<CCLICK:T:01:0:T:><DIS:<ZORDER:1:Refresh Query><DIS:<ZORDER:2:Microsoft Excel - ACT! Excel ole db><WHIDE:Query Refresh><IFOTH:03:2:Refresh Query><DIS:<ACTIVATE2:Query Refresh><DIS:<IFOTH:03:2:Refresh Query><DIS:<WHIDE:Refresh Query><TEXTTYPE:<ALTD>e<ALTU>><ENDIF><WHIDE:Microsoft Excel - ACT! Excel ole db><IFOTH:14:1:ACTSAGE.EXE><WSHUT:Query Refresh><WSHUT:Microsoft Excel - ACT! Excel ole db><ENDIF>



The last 5 lines don't work. Why? I am assuming that ME makes a run through the macro however many times the window is active, but doesn't hold the last 5 lines in memory. Is there a workaround?



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For debugging, try putting a Text Box Display after the IF, to make sure the IF is being satisfied the way you think it is.


I don't know how the macro is being launched, so I'm not sure why ME would "make a run through the macro however many times the window is active". I doubt that the problem has anything to do with lines being dropped from memory.

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