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how to create a random time intervall?


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at first, i'm german so sry for my bad english :rolleyes:


i need to create a simple macro with a random time intervall.

now my macro looks like this:




in this macro the delay is always 1 second.



but i need a random Delay between 1 and 10 seconds. how to do this?

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Don't apologize for your English. It is a lot better than my German!


It will not be truly random, but you could use the TIME command (it is under TEXT), put the time into a variable, and use the rightmost digit of seconds as your delay. Change the digit to an integer (Nx) variable, and use that integer in the Wait Time Elapse command.

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Use the Variable Set Integer %N1% with a Random Number command. However, since this command returns a random value between 0 and the maximum number entered you will need to add one to it. Then use that value in the Delay command. Like this:

Variable Set Integer %N1% with a Random Number
Variable Modify Integer: Inc (%N1%)
Delay %N1% Seconds

Copy and paste this into your macro:


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