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Hold down mouse button = hold down key button?


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Is adding this feature possible?


Hold down mouse button = hold down key button. Release mouse button = release key button.


This could be useful for duplicating a keyboard key function on a mouse middle button, such as space, shift, ctrl, alt, etc.



hey, wondering if you ever found out how to do this?

I recently bought a laser z2 mouse and im having an issue with macros, i want the back button to be backspace but i want to be able

to hold it down... macros are only allowing me to press it and release it, PLEASE HELP!


Thanks in advance,



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I don't think this is doable. Macro Express hotkey macros, including those that are triggered by mouse buttons, activate not when a key is pressed, but when a key is pressed and then released.


This is true. However, if you have the appropriate software for your mouse, I believe you could simply re-program the mouse button

of your choice to the key of your choosing.

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do u know if logitech mouse drivers allow you to program holding down a mouse key to hold down a keyboard key for certain programs?


All the versions of Setpoint (Logitech's mouse software) I've used allow you to set any mouse button to type a keyboard key - for example backspace - but they don't repeat as you hold. You just get one keystroke for every mouse button click.

You can set the mouse buttons to type key combinations to trigger MacroExpress macros, which may be a work around. I have various macros set to the extra buttons on my mouse.

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