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I was wondering if the command "if mouse cursor" works???????????????????


Here is my simple macro:


<IFMOUSE:8><LAUNCHDEL2:0:01C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\EXCEL.EXE><ENDIF>


The macro is triggered IF the window is on top VIA The properties tab "Window Title".


Is this macro not working?



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I was wondering if the command "if mouse cursor" works



You need to make sure that the mouse cursor provided by the program is one of the standard Windows mouse cursors as described in the previous post: Mouse cursor styles come from two different sources. Do not assume that Microsoft programs use only the standard mouse cursors.


Another possible reason could be timing. Here is your macro to help others who view this discussion:

If Mouse Cursor is Up Arrow
 Program Launch: "EXCEL.EXE"
End If

What causes the mouse cursor to be an Up Arrow? Are you allowing time for the mouse cursor to change shape?

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Thanks for your reply!


The program I am using allows the mouse cursor to change once it hovers over a "button" control.


The list provided in your mouse cursor list is the same list that the program has available and they look the same too!


I chose the "up arrow" from the list they provide me. I was just experimenting.


What I would love to see is the macro fire without repeating over and over until the mouse cursor changes. Alas, the running man is always running taking away my ability to run any other macro. I don't know how to solve this problem and there is only some ideas in prior posts.


I would love to see it run every second and then fire the macro if it hovers over. I will try other ideas until it works and look at the old posts.


Have any ideas before I embark on this mission?



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