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Problem With Timing?


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I'm using Firefox and ME. My macro starts on a web page by grabbing the window title, URL, and some highlighted text. Then it switches to another browser tab (Ctrl-1) and pastes the grabbed text into the form.


The problem I'm having is that the Mouse Move command seems really erratic. Sometimes it puts the cursor in the right field, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it pastes the correct text in the correct field, but then immediately pastes text intended for another field immediately following.


As you can see, I've put some Waits into the macro, but they don't seem to be helping.


// Get the window title and copy into a string variable.
Get Control %C1% (- Mozilla Firefox: )
Variable Get Control Text: %C1% to %T1%
// Copy selected text into a string variable.
Clipboard Copy
Variable Set String %T2% from Clipboard
Text Type:<CONTROL>l
// Copy the URL into a string variable.
Clipboard Copy
Variable Set String %T3% from Clipboard
// Switch to the Control Panel browser tab.
Text Type: <CONTROL>1
Wait For Window Title: "ExpressionEngine"
Mouse Move Screen 75, 285
Text Type: %T1%
Wait Text Playback
Mouse Move Screen 75, 560
Text Type: %T2%


Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Everything sure looks fine. Maybe possible add a short delay after the mouse move command. Sometimes I find this necessary.


Instead of the second mouse move to the next field, can you get focus to it by using the TAB key? Even a bunch of TAB keystrokes played back by ME can complete very quickly.

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