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Can i use the clipboard for formated text?


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For putting large texts in using the clipboard ist much faster than typing. So its a great feature to copy the content of an text file to the clipboard. Unfortunately .txt-files support not any formatted text like in Office.


So whats the best way to put such kind of text in? I thought of copying the text manually and let then MEX save it to the clipboard. But it seems only possible to save to .txt or graphics. Wouldn´t it be great to have the option to save any clipboard content to whatever.


Any Ideas? Thank you.



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If your macro copies something to the clipboard and later pastes it, the formatting will be intact. However, if you put the information into a string variable such as %T1% then all the formatting will be lost. It would be a good feature to allow copying formated information to and from the clipboard. It is something we are considering.

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Thanks Kevin,


at the moment i am again urgently searching for a way to saving/restoring clipboards including applicationspecific content like format etc. As your answer is over an year old i wonder if there are any news or workarounds since.


It makes sense that .txt files are not suitable for saving and restoring that kind of information. I wonder which type of file could. Maybe a new type of clipboard-variables can do the job.


Thank You

Alexandra (Hey, i never had a shortkey failing after using CTRL-Key!!)

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