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Can i force large sets to global scope?


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The scope feature is surely one of the best in MEX. You can for example use different macros in different windows/programs with the same hotkey.


But what is if the names of the windows are unpredictable or the active program ist not reliably recognised by MEX. Or if you want to use the same set of macros in different programs (but not in all.) This has happened to me.


I´m looking for a way to activate a large set (one folder = 30) of macros manually. Funny, while writing this i may have found the solution myself.


I put those macros all in one seperate .mex - file and load it if needed with an "Load New Macro File" - Macro. Right?


Thanks Alexandra

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That sounds like it should work. Presumably you will have another macro to load a different macro file when you want to "unload" the first.


Another idea is to write a macro to enable the other macros when you want them, and another macro to disable them. That way you can stay with a single macro file.

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Thank you rberq.


Using the enable/disable function was actually my first thought. But i think i have to do this for every macro seperately. So for 30 macros such Enable/Disabler - Macros will contain 30 commands!


It would be more comfortable to enable/disable whole macro folders. Somehow i don´t like the idea of changing the macro files.


Maybe there is even room for more improvement. One could create a fitfth Scope category called "Variable Specific" There for each macro you can put in a string. This is the value of the so called Scope Variable. If the value of the Scope Variable ist matched the macro work, if not it doesn´t. You can of course manually set this value. The value can be displayed by a text box display to see which Set of Macros is active. Would that be useful?



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