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I miss Activation by program


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I use up to 72 programspecific macros in combination with my logitech G15 keyboard. As you might already guess it´s hard to memorize all of them. So i came up with the following idea.


A macro would activate a window which contains the information which macro lies on which key. Every time a program gets focus the coressponding info-window is activated and lies over the info-windows for the other programs.


The problem is: There is no such thing as Activation by program in MEX. Activation by Window Title is not useful for two reasons:


- Often the window titles are unpredictable and therefore are not recognized.

- If you use titles instead of program focus for every click in one document of the same program the macro is fired which is interfering with my work/ other macros.


I think even for many other uses this activation feature would be a great thing.


By the way i don´t know how to insert topic links. Where can i find this topic ID?

Thank you. Alexandra

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